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This site is where you can upload audio files for transcription to MS Word documents - go here to upload.   I live in Sydney, but you could be anywhere. For example Alice Springs, Sydney, Perth or Geelong.

I specialise in medical reports, insurance-related material and Legal work, but I will transcribe any kind of material.  For example a university assignment, a contract or radiography reports.

I'm Jennifer.  Give me a call, describe what you need to be typed, and I'll give you a quote.  Or we can skype to discuss.




TypeItUp provides you with speedy, professional and meticulous transcripts for all types of subject matter.


I offer document services including various page layouts for any profession. I provide onsite or offsite data entry.

Proof Reading

TypeItUp's proof reading services enable you to present a professionally laid out, accurate document every time.

My Strengths

Experienced in Legal documents, Microsoft Word, Proofreading and Formatting

Meets Deadlines.  Every time.  I guarantee to meet an agreed deadline

When you entrust your information to me, I will keep it confidential

When you speak, I Type


Audio transcription is the process of listening to, and then transforming, spoken words into written words known as a transcript, also referred to as audio to text.

I maintain low prices, though factors which determine the cost of transcription include:

  1. The audio length.
  2. Grammatical corrections, where required, are taken into account when determining the quote for work.
  3. The required turnaround time. At Type It Up, the average turnaround time is three days but if a fast time of say 1 day is needed, the cost will reflect that.
  4. Number of speakers. Multiple speakers require more attention and therefore extra time.
  5. Audio clarity. Naturally, poor quality audio demands time in deciphering it.
  6. Subject Matter. My specialisation, but audio containing jargon such as legal and medical content attracts a higher fee due to its complexity.